Friday, September 26, 2014

Tongerlo Blond crowned the 'World's Best Beer 2014'

During the World Beer Awards 2014, Tongerlo Blond was crowned the ‘World’s Best Beer’ in all eight categories, beating about 700 other beers to it. Moreover, Tongerlo Blond won a gold medal for the best beer in the category ‘World’s Best Pale Beer’.


World's Best BeerThe World Beer Awards is one of the most renowned international beer competitions. For each continent and beer type, a professional jury selects the three top beers, which then compete against each other at international level. These ‘World’s Best’ beers in their respective categories all strive for the ultimate title of ‘World’s Best Beer’, and today, as the final winner, Tongerlo Blond proudly carries this title.


Tongerlo Blond is one of the Tongerlo abbey beers, along with Prior Tongerlo, Tongerlo Bruin and Tongerlo Christmas. In the past, Prior Tongerlo, the tripel variety, has won various prizes during the World Beer Awards, including a gold medal during the 2011 edition. This range is one of the recognised Belgian abbey beers. Every one of its varieties is refermented in the bottle. The extra long ageing process gives these beers their signature intense aroma and flavour. Tongerlo Blond (6% vol. alc.) has a soft and sweet initial flavour and a slightly dry finish.


Haacht Brewery has been brewing these authentic abbey beers since 1990, under licence. As such, it supports one of the most active monastic communities in Belgium and it continues an age-old tradition of the Norbertines from Tongerlo with the same passion, yet using modern techniques.


Tongerlo Blond is available from drink centers and from Colruyt and Spar supermarkets. The range also includes a gift pack, which contains the three basic varieties and a matching glass. Needless to say, Tongerlo Christmas is a seasonal variety, which is inspired by Tongerlo Blond and hits the shelves in October.