Who we are

An independent family-run brewery

Haacht Brewery, a large pilsner brewer in Belgium, continues to be a family business. We made a conscious decision not to become part of an international group. This independent approach only brings benefits to you, to our customers and partners.


100% Belgian

As we are 100% Belgian ourselves, we understand Belgian people.
We are not a macho people, we don’t need weak beers, but we are flamboyant in heart and soul. We know how to enjoy life quietly at the table, at home, in cafes, during family visits, during events.

Our mission is to produce quality products for every moment of the day. Products which you are fond of or which you want to share with those who are close to you.


We are about people

Every day we listen to our customers and think along with our partners. In case we missed something - that's only human after all - be sure to let us know.


A local approach

We have separate divisions in the Dutch and French markets precisely so we can be closer to our customers there too.
We have been operating in the Netherlands since 2000 under the name Bierbrouwerij De Leeuw and its history goes back to 1886.

In France we are active under the name Brasserie du Coq Hardi, that was founded in 1894 and merged with Haacht Brewery in 1972.


Beyond our borders

People taste our beers far beyond our national borders. Every day our exports department attends to the growing demand across all continents. So do not be surprised if you see your favourite beer on a beer list on your next holiday.