Guaranteed quality

Quality can’t be bought …


If you want to deliver quality, it has to become the common thread throughout your entire organisation.


Internal quality control

Each and every employee at our brewery is aware of our quality targets and acts accordingly. Our employees have the opportunity to develop their skills through training programmes tailored to their functions.


External quality control

In order to maintain our quality standards, our suppliers also need to meet our requirements in terms of quality. Not only do we apply strict screening criteria, but our current suppliers are also evaluated regularly.


Our concern for quality is expressed through:

  • support for our employees
  • selection of our suppliers and partners
  • purchase of raw materials
  • product development and fine-tuning
  • in-house production
  • external production
  • follow up
  • after sales service


Our efforts have been recognised through prizes awarded by independent bodies, but we are aware that we need to continue to invest each day in our internal quality control and external quality monitoring.