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Haacht magazine 'this was 2016'

Would you like to know what happened inside the brewery and beyond its gates last year?

Do you enjoy reading about our latest products, the events we sponsored and our clients? Perhaps you are curious about the beer kitchen? If so, read our annual Haacht magazine here or even better, request a copy (*) so that you can relax and read it in the comfort of your home with your favourite beer at your side.

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(*) only available in Dutch and French

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Company brochure

In our company brochure you can read about everything that keeps our brewery turning every day.

You can learn more about our history which made us who we are. You can also discover how we choose our ingredients and read about the quality of our products and our concern for the environment. Read the PDF version of the brochure online or use the form to request your own copy.

(Eine Deutsche Version der Broschüre finden Sie unter diesem Link)

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Eugène De Roo

4 generations on the very same site. It is history in words and pictures from the industrial revolution to present times.