The origins of Primus with yeast

Have you ever been to Brasserie Brouwershof, the bar opposite our brewery?


Primus met gistIf so, then maybe you've not been able to resist the temptation to order a 'Primus with yeast' there. After all Brasserie Brouwershof is the only bar where you can try this unique beer.


The origins of Primus with yeast go back much further than Brasserie Brouwershof. At the beginning of the last century, there used to be a beer tap on the outside wall of what is now the kegging hall. Everyone who happened to be in the brewery at any time knew about the tap and would pour themselves a glass of beer from it.  But the men from ‘den travaux’ (railway workers) and the neighbours also knew only too well about it. They would bring pitchers to the brewery to stock up on unfiltered beer.  Even then people knew that the yeast in the beer gave it extra taste and aromas.


The Primus with yeast that you are able order today at Brasserie Brouwershof is actually just the same beer. Unfiltered, direct from the storage tank and delicious! Since Primus with yeast is not pasteurised, it does not keep for very long. That is also why you can only try it here.


Primus with yeast is delivered direct from the brewery every day. There is even a rumour that we have a pipe that goes from the brewery under the street and across to the Brasserie Brouwershof bar...

Brewery visit

You will realise that what seems to be a simple pint of Primus actually involves a lot of craftsmanship. Hold on to your questions for the moment, as your visit begins here.

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