Ultimum Optimum

Our Tongerlo abbey beers and our Ommegang beer by Charles Quint are all re-fermented in the bottle.

A small amount of pure yeast culture is added to the beer just before the bottles are filled. The beer is then placed in warm chambers so that it can re-ferment in the bottle for several weeks.  Here the yeast turns the remaining sugars into CO2 and alcohol. This is something you can really taste! The re-fermentation gives the beer a more delicate aroma and a distinct taste.


During the following maturation process, the yeast falls to the bottom of the bottle. So when you come to pour it, you can either pour out the yeast into your glass or leave it in the bottle. It’s all down to your own taste!


Devotees believe that the yeast should be drunk last. ‘Ultimum Optimum’, keeping the best until last. To satisfy their wishes, we have created a specially designed shot glass for Prior Tongerlo. So now you can pour out your Prior without the yeast into a Prior glass and pour the remaining yeast into the shot glass. This is a unique way of serving the beer that you should try at least once.


Ultimum Optimum 

Crystal Taste Award
Superior taste awards

Prior Tongerlo has received 3 stars 3 years in a row at the Superior Taste Awards 2012, 2011 and 2010.