Our longest employee

Would you like to hear about our 'longest' employee?


Well, we’re not talking about a ‘daddy long-legs’ of a guy. No, Eddy is of ordinary height. But Eddy has been working at our brewery for 43 years. And that makes him the ‘longest’. In years of service, that is.



In 1971, at the age of 20, Eddy was discharged of his military service and went looking for a job as an electrician. To him, the choice was obvious. After all, his dad was working at the brewery nearby...
Getting hired was not self-evident though. The head of the technical department had his answer ready: ‘too young, too inexperienced.’ As luck would have it, however, just at that moment came the message: ‘The *stacker is down’. ‘Well then,’ said the boss to Eddy, ‘if you can get it working again, you can stay.’ And lo and behold, Eddy got it done, and got hired for what was to be the job of his live. Literally, that is.

* ‘the stacker’ is a device that stacks the crates on pallets




After all these years, Eddy is full of stories about 'his' brewery, and each of them conveys his love for the craft. At the age of 63, he was still as enthusiastic as ever. Only then he starting thinking about his retirement. It’s not like he considered himself indispensable, although ‘Eddy will show me,’ was often heard by his younger colleagues. This is not surprising when you realize what a wealth of experience he has built up, from the machines in the bottling plant to the general electricity. He knows where to find every single wire or cable in the brewery. Finally, in 2014, Eddy came to an important decision: he retired. Although he deserves it, he is missed, not only for his professional skills but also for his never ending enthusiasm!


Not a lot of people can look back on such a long record of service with a single employer, but at Haacht, this is no exception. Many of our employees have been passing through the imposing iron gates every working day for the last 20 or 30 years. All with the same devotion. They are the living proof that Haacht Brewery is a place where people still put their heart and soul into their work.