Warmly recommended

Brouwzaal HaachtAnyone who's taken a tour of our brewery will probably remember how warm it was on the platform in our brew-house.


Many visitors unbutton their jackets, take off scarves and ties or fan themselves with their hands.


Brewing is a boiling process and boiling makes a room hot. Just like in your kitchen at home. The heat produced by the kettles means we never have to heat the brewing room, even during the coldest winters. Convenient! But in the summer the heat hits you full in the face and you can't wait to get back outside, where even the hot summer sun seems refreshing.

People often ask "aren't the kettles insulated?" Of course they are, because the quicker a brewing kettle heats up, the less energy we use. Which is good too! But our creative visitors come up with other explanations. That we capture the heat from the kettles to heat the rest of the building. That we keep the brewing room particularly warm, so that the kettles emit less heat and therefore reach the right temperature quicker. That in a cold brewing room it's almost impossible to bring the brew to the boil. That the heat from the brewing process is reused for the next brew. And so on...


The truth lies somewhere in the middle. However, as brewing is kind of magic, we don’t let everyone in on our little secrets ;-)


Brouwzaal Haacht



Brewery visit

You will realise that what seems to be a simple pint of Primus actually involves a lot of craftsmanship. Hold on to your questions for the moment, as your visit begins here.